Welcome to AraMedica Istanbul, the new hair transplant clinic in Turkey! Does this name sound familiar to you? Then perhaps your desires for change have crossed paths with the journey undertaken by Aratravel, the first medical tourism company in Italy with a special focus on the trichology sector. For over 10 years, it has accompanied thousands of people to Turkey to fulfill the dream of regaining a full head of hair.

Right here in Istanbul, where it all began, we are opening the doors to introduce you to our new clinic. It’s the final stop of a successful and rich journey in the international medical field, with a focus on treatments to combat hair loss.

Our Clinic

Your safety is our priority. That’s why we ensure that every corner of our clinic is ready to welcome you. The operating rooms and outpatient facilities adhere to strict hygiene and sanitation protocols. Sanitization and disinfection measures for the areas and equipment used are crucial, ensuring a sterile and safe environment for anyone working or coming into contact.
AraMedica complies with and adheres to international safety regulations to guarantee the highest level of quality. And to provide you with a journey of well-being in complete safety.

An Italian clinic in Istanbul

AraMedica is the first Italian clinic capable of providing, in Istanbul, a service that seamlessly combines Turkish technical professionalism with the assurance of Italian presence at every step of your journey. Over the years, Istanbul has undoubtedly become the capital of hair transplants, with expertise and specific skills acquired in various fields ranging from trichology to hospitality.

AraMedica is located in one of the newest neighborhoods of the city, Bahçelievler, characterized by numerous parks, university campuses, shopping centers, and futuristic structures like the one hosting the clinic. Here, you’ll find all the comforts such as the adjacent 5-star hotel, a pool, a spa, and much more to experience a resort-like stay.

Thanks to AraMedica, you can permanently resolve baldness while indulging in a vacation. Istanbul, in fact, is a tourist destination par excellence, a place to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Medical direction

Dr. Ismail Aslan – Medical Director of AraMedica Istanbul

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Ismail Aslan, AraMedica Istanbul clinic is ready to offer you a medical and healthcare service of the highest quality.

Graduated from Selcuk University in Konya, Turkey, Dr. Ismail Aslan specializes in general medicine, emergency medicine, occupational medicine, and aesthetic medicine through his work in various Turkish clinics and hospitals.

Passion, continuous education, and a focus on innovation – crucial in the medical field – are the highlights of his professional journey, ensuring a seamless and satisfying care experience for every patient.

Dr. Ismail Aslan is supported by another experienced doctor, Dr. Erkan Varli, and an excellent Turkish team that will perform hair transplants.

Dr. Ismail Aslan and the AraMedica Istanbul team

The innovation of telemedicine

Thanks to telemedicine technology, coupled with Turkish expertise, you will have our highly qualified personnel by your side, ready to listen to your needs and remotely monitor the stability of vital parameters.

Media and press

Recently, Spanish and Italian TV channels have created content about hair transplantation, following some clients to our AraMedica clinic in Istanbul. You can watch the episode of ‘Mi Manda Rai Tre’ here and the segment that aired on the Spanish channel ‘La Sexta’ here.